Friday, March 13, 2009

Crisis not averted

I was trying to avoid Luke climbing or falling out of the bed by switching him to the toddler bed over Spring Break. But I learned last night I was about 3 days too late. I'm still not sure exactly how he did it, but I was in the kitchen trying to get him something to make his teeth feel better, I think his next molars are trying to push through, and my mom and I hear a loud thump followed by crying. I hurried in to find him laying on his back on the floor next to the crib. Once he settled down and stopped crying, all he would say was "I fall" and point at the crib. I think his neck might be a little sore today, but no bruises thankfully. I will change his crib into his toddler bed on Sunday and get some pictures posted of it. I just hope to get some sleep next week during the change. Have a great weekend!

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