Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Crisis not Averted

Well we were unlucky again. Monday a girl at Luke's daycare didn't come Monday because she came down with a stomach bug early that morning. By the end of the week I thought we were in the clear since Luke had no signs of being sick. Until Saturday night; after his afternoon nap Luke was acting normal until about a hour after he had been awake, he started wanting to cuddle and just be close. But he had no fever and no other signs or symptoms of being sick. So my mom and i went to dinner with Luke and all was normal. By the time we got home he was just sitting in his car seat looking at me like he was tired, so I got him ready for bed and he went to sleep. Then about 10:30pm he woke up crying so I went in and checked on him and he was a mess. FYI, mandarin oranges look the same as before you eat them. So I gave him a bath, clean the crib and carpet, then about 30 minutes later, he was back in bed. The pattern continued until 1am, but each time it was not as bad as the time before. I summed it up to a friend like this: 6 rounds of vomiting, 5 clothing changes, 4 diaper changes, 3 sheet changes, 2 restarts of the CD, 1 bath and 1 sick little boy. All in just a few hours. I think we are in the up swing. Keep your fingers crossed! The fun part will be to see who gets it next; me or my mom. Luckily Scott was out of town so I think he will be safe.

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