Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

Monday we decided to fill up the pool that Scott had bought for Luke and let him experience a pool for the first time. It was a ton of fun!! He wasn't sure about it at first, I'm not sure if it was because of the new experience or the cool water. But it didn't take long for him to realy get into it!! There were not many times he did not have a happy face on, until it was time to get out. It was also his first time to wear a swimming suit, he looked so cute. And just for Aunt Rah-Rah it has dinosaurs on it.

Water slide time!!!

That was fun!!
Ring toss / Put the rings on then throw them out of the pool game.
Here is the "throw out of the pool" part.
Slide again!! He is clapping or attempting to. Notice the tongue - it was out most of the time.
This is my favorite picture. The sheer excitement on his face
and the splashing water sum up the day.

Lessons learned:
1. The bottom of a plastic pool is very slippery.
2. Even thought the grass looks even the ground under it may not be, which makes the
bottom even more slippery.
3. The water fresh from the hose is cold even in 90 degree weather.
4. An aired up swimming pool with no water in it can become airborn on a windy day.
5. Getting a 19 month old out of the pool even though he is tired and hungry is not any easy
6. Even with all of that, seeing him have so much fun makes it all worth it.
Here is a video for you to enjoy. You will get to see him slide, then he is putting the rings on the posts, and finally he is throwing them out of the pool. We also might need to rename it a slip and slide instead of a pool. Notice all of the toys outside the pool (to the left but the ring posts). He had 4 rings, 6 balls and 4 squishy balls that all were thrown out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our afternoon routine

Lately we have gotten into a routine after we get home. First we let Rudy out of his cage and then Luke runs to the laundry room (where Rudy's food is) and we get Rudy's food and then let him out to feed him. Most of the time Luke follows Rudy out and we go play in the backyard. Below is a series of pictures of what happens when we first go outside.

Here is Luke ready to go outside - by the way - he can say outside now.

Here he is halfway through the backyard going to our neighbor's fence. As his face shows he is on a mission.
Here we have noticed one of the neighbor's dogs at the fence.The neighbor's have 3 dogs. Here is Luke with Sandy. Sandy is very protective of Luke she will growl and bark at Rudy if he gets closer to Luke than she likes. Here she is keeping a close eye on Rudy while Luke is reaching through the fence to pet Sandy.
Here is Luke and Maddie. Maddie tolerates Luke, but most of the time will go the other way when Luke comes around.
Here is a typical encounter with Maddie.
Be prepared for camera movement if you get motion sickness.
The next step after either playing with the neighbor dogs or determining they are not outside is to run to the play set. Here is Luke going down the slide the traditional way.
And his favorite the past two weeks is to slide down the rock-wall.
It doesn't seem like fun to me, but he really enjoys it.

When Luke gets on the play set he usually wants to walk up the slide. When he gets to the top sometimes he keeps going to the flat base and sometimes he just lays on his belly. Here is the result of the latter. Sorry it is so short, he doesn't give me enough time to get the camera on.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Normal Everyday Things

Here are some pictures and videos of Luke just doing his normal thing around the house. I guessed since most of you do not get to see this on a daily basis it might interest you.

Below is his new favorite way to watch Shrek at home.

Here he his playing with the leg to his table and just being himself.

Here he is loving on his best friend. Please try to ignore the annoying voice in the background.

And who can forget the blocks?!? The best distraction so far, I can usually make him forget about whatever he was whining about if I suggest we go play with the blocks. It is wonderful!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

I will try to get some video of Luke on his new playset outside. His Daddy surprised him with it when we got back from seeing Gramma and Grampa. On one side is a rock-climbing-like side that he can't quite climb up, but he loves to slide/bounce down. It looks like it might hurt to me, but Luke loves it. Here is a picture of it from a website.