Friday, June 6, 2008

E-mail Updates

I noticed lately that I was not getting the e-mails that let everyone know when the blog is updated, but I thought it was just me so I didn't worry. Then a faithful reader - AKA my Mom - told me she was not getting them either so I set out to figure out what happened.

Around May 18th you may or may not have received an e-mail about Blogarithm "migrating" to RSSFWD. And apparently the new e-mail that is being sent out about the update notifications went in to my Spam folder. So please check you spam folder and look to see if you have an e-mail from "RssFwd Daily Digest" that is titled Updates for 06 Jun, 2008/S1300. I don't know what the numbers at the end are so yours may be different. The e-mail was received on June 6th at 8:47am.

I will still look into this change. If they only send out one e-mail at the end of the week then that will defeat the purpose of having it, so I might look into other providers of this service. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests. Thanks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: If you do find the e-mail that tells you I have updated the blog, at the very bottom is a statement that says :
To manage other subscriptions, click here
If you click on the word here it will take you to the wesite for RssFwd where you can customize your settings. On The Galloway Family blog you can click on edit my subscription and then after a little while you will see your e-mail adress and a drop down box. In the drop down box you can choose when you get your update notification. If I am the only blog you subscribe to you may want to choose the Normal setting if not you will probably want the digest setting, but you do get to choose the approximate time of day which we couldn't with the other service.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nana's visit

This past weekend Nana came to visit. We all had a great time, especially Luke. He had a ton of fun jabbering to her and playing with her. On Monday she stayed with him while Scott and I went to work and I know they had a blast. Sunday we got the baby pool out to show Nana how much he loved it. I think he was only in the pool a total of 30 minutes and only 15 minutes at the beginning before he started getting in and out. I don't know why he didn't seem as enthralled with it as he did the first time. We will blame it on hunger since it technically was his dinner time. Either way it wasn't hard to get him to come inside this time. But we at least did get some good pictures. I am also trying to decide what type of safety device will be best for him in a real pool and the ocean (we plan on taking him to the coast this summer.). I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

In this video towards the end you can hear Luke say "my" while clutching his sippy cup. That is how he says mine. I guess he just wants to make sure Daddy knows it is his.

Hand, Foot and Mouth - Again and Spiders

On Tuesday the 28th, I took Luke in for this spot on his hand(first noticed on the 22nd) that I originally thought was either a mesquito bite or a small infection - at least that is what I thought until a bunch of water blisters started popping up around it over that weekend. Wouldn't you know it the day of the appointment his had started looking better, but he had gained the same blisters on the sides and bottoms of his feet along with a red dot rash so I kept the appointment. Well, this child of mine has some how caught the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease again. He had it either last spring or fall. But I can't seem to find any of his "friends" who have it. I think he is going out of his way to find kids that are sick and swap germs with them without me knowing. He will do just about anything for some cuddle time. Just kidding.

The outbreak this time was different than last time so maybe it is a different strain. Last time it first appeared on his outer thighs and looked like ant bites and I assumed they were. But I guess I should take my own advice I give my athletes. "If you didn't see the spider (or in this case ant) bite you then don't assume it is a spider bite." On a side note in my job, we see a handfull to a couple of handfulls of skin infections, that could be the dreaded staph infection, that the athletes let go for a week or two thinking it is just a spider bite.

By the way, I have been doing the hand motions to the itsy bitsy spider and Luke has been attempting to do the spider motion. It is so cute. I will have to get video of it for you to see.