Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Little Man

Here are some more pictures of the little man Luke. His personality is really starting to come out, along with his fits. I could do without those, but what would a toddler be without them.

I finally got some of Luke "parrot" words on video. You will want to turn the volume up because his voice is soft, but be careful because that crazy woman with the camera - her voice is booming!

Luke has also become affectionate. He will hug and hang all over Rudy, and even kiss him. Scott and I will get the hugs where he runs into your arms and your heart just melts. For a while now he will pat us on the arm or back when we hold him, just like we do to him, it is very cute! The kisses he gives vary from lips closed to mouth wide open and slobber all over. He has started giving kisses when you ask for them, but not every time.

I have also learned the hard way that sometimes he wants something specific to eat. I used to be able to pull anything out of the pantry to give him a snack, but now he doesn't always want what I pick out, he will stand in the pantry and whine until I figure out what he wants. We are trying to work on the whining, but it is very slow in helping.

Here is one of his Valentine's Day shirts. He is also sitting in a chair he got for his birthday.

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Susan said...

I hate to admit this but I think he's more adorable than his mother was, but maybe I'm just able to enjoy it more when I'm not the Mom!!