Friday, March 7, 2008

On the road to no more ear infections

Well, we got to the surgery center with about 20 minutes to spare because I was so worried we would be late due to the weather and traffic. Luckily Scott didn't let us leave at 7:30ish like I thought we needed to do. Luke was so good all morning, he really never complained about not eating. So we got all checked in and they took us back right on time. But once we got into the first room before they take him back to do the procedure we waited about an hour. That was not so much fun, he was tired and hungry and he knows the diaper bag has food in it so it was fun trying to keep his mind off of the bag. The nurse finally came to take him back at 11:00 and then we were taken to another room to wait for the doctor to tell us how it all went. They kept saying it would be just a few minutes and the doctor would be by, but we also heard that while we waited for an hour. Sure enough 5-10 minutes later he came in and said they were all done and Luke did very well. Then about 15 minutes after that we were able to see Luke. In recovery he never got upset or fussy, he just didn't like the IV in his foot or the monitor on his toe, but he dealt with it. We were discharged at about 12:15pm and headed home. Luke did well on the ride home - apparently some kids get car sick from the drugs, but luckily not us. We got home and he ate some lunch, played a little and ofcourse watched Shrek the Halls for the millionth time, then went down for a nap. The only real recovery he will have is some bad breath while the scab from the adenoids heals. I guess we will have to give him some Listerine breath strips until then, but it can't be nearly as bad as Rudy's breath (our dog).

Here are some pictures from the waiting room before you get called back. He liked crawling and falling all over these foam mats.

The next picture is of Luke and his nurse that was in the room with us. The faces make it seem bad but they were actually happy at the time, I just snapped the picture a little too late.

Last but not least the rocking chair the "nurse" sat in was tons of fun for Luke too.

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voigt family said...

i meant to leave you a message before. Jacob had tubes. Praise The Lord, his stayed in like over two years for one and the other we have not seen it fall out. he got them at one and a half. he only had one ear infection since then, right after we got here.but it was able to drain,YUCK, so it didn't bother him. take care. i enjoy getting to see y'all on here.molly