Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Talk, talk, talk

Well Luke is definitely feeling better from his surgery. Saturday if he was awake he was constantly talking! That is all the boy did - I don't have a clue what he was saying, but he was telling us something. He was pretty fussy Sunday morning, but he also didn't sleep well Saturday night, so Luke and I stayed home from church and rested. The Doctor had warned us that Luke might have bad breath due to the scabs and healing from his adenoids. Well they weren't kidding - he has very bad breath! I can't even describe it! Just be glad if you don't get to experience it. The sitter - Miss Debbie - said he was very good monday. He told everyone that came and went hi and bye. He also would go to her and hug her and give her kisses.

Luke has also become a "little" obsessed with 2 of his books. The first is his "Colors" book. A friend of Scott's family gave it to him and it has sea animals to help illustrate the colors - red crab - orange fish - that sort of thing. But the animals also come out like puzzle pieces which he loves. The only problem is the only one that has loosened up enough for him to get out by himself is the blue octopus. So when we get to that one he will pull it out, but we have to put it back in because he can't just yet. As you can imagine he will do this over and over. I don't even think he can get tired of it, he just gets distracted by other things.
The other book is from his Aunt Rah-Rah (Sarah) and of course it is about dinosaurs. So we will read that 6 page book over and over. Last night I got tired of reading it so I asked Luke to read it to me. He then started to point to each of the dinosaurs on the page and say something about each one. It was very cute!!

One last thing - last night I was trying to get a candid photo and Scott and Luke playing, but as soon as the flash went off Luke looked up and said "Cheese". It was too precious! We hope you are all having a great week.

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