Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nana's visit

This past weekend Nana came to visit. We all had a great time, especially Luke. He had a ton of fun jabbering to her and playing with her. On Monday she stayed with him while Scott and I went to work and I know they had a blast. Sunday we got the baby pool out to show Nana how much he loved it. I think he was only in the pool a total of 30 minutes and only 15 minutes at the beginning before he started getting in and out. I don't know why he didn't seem as enthralled with it as he did the first time. We will blame it on hunger since it technically was his dinner time. Either way it wasn't hard to get him to come inside this time. But we at least did get some good pictures. I am also trying to decide what type of safety device will be best for him in a real pool and the ocean (we plan on taking him to the coast this summer.). I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

In this video towards the end you can hear Luke say "my" while clutching his sippy cup. That is how he says mine. I guess he just wants to make sure Daddy knows it is his.

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