Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weekend at Trish's

This past weekend I took Luke to go spend the weekend with Trish (my college roommate) and her daughter, Cambry. We had a wonderful time! Here is Luke on the ride there, needless to say it was a quiet ride! Even Rudy go in the picture, but he looks bored!
Here we are sliding!! One of our favorite past times!
Even Cambry got in on the sliding. She originally wanted someone to catch her at the end due to a past bad experience, but after seeing fearless Luke slide a few times she decided to go without the help at the end! I promise she was happy in this picture! The whole weekend Luke called Cambry, Lainey. Which is his cousin's name. It was cute!
Here is the calf I go to feed! Luke really liked all the animals. I didn't get a picture of Trish's dog, but she is a tiny dog and Luke kept calling her a cat...oops.
Here is on of the four goats. I think this one is Patches. For goats they are cute goats. They all have mo-hawks on their spines!

Here is Luke inside the fence with the animals. He was not scared of any of them. It gave me some relief about the circus we had planned for later in the weekend!

I have some great video to add, but won't upload so I will put it in a new post later!

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