Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo

Luke went on his first trip to the Zoo a few weeks ago when we visited Gramma. They sure didn't have this sign while I was growing up.

Here he is feeding the Giraffe. I had to help him hand it to the giraffe because he just dropped on the ground. Notice the lovely black tongue reaching for the cracker. Luke loved it!! Did you notice the "monkey on his back"? It is actually his leash, but I have decided to call it a tail. It sounds much better don't you think? It didn't get used much on this trip because all he wanted to do was push his stroller, but it has been used since then and works very well.

Luckily at this zoo there are no signs that say "Do not feed the bears", so I fed the bears - not Luke. There are 2 this is the one on the right. I would try to drop the crackers on the edge of the concrete closest to me and he would reach his paw through the fence and rake it to the fence and then get it with his tongue like in the picture above.

That is the best action shot I got, my camera is slow on the draw and takes the picture right after the action happens. I will have to take that in to consideration when it is time for a new camera. The bear had just raked the cracker to the edge and is pulling his paw back inside the cage. There is another fence on my side that is about chest high that has signs telling you not to reach in, and I can see why, but there are so many crackers that have fallen where the bears can't get to them. I can see how it would be tempting to reach in and get them. I even considered it for about half a second.
This video is very short of Luke at the Meerkat exhibit. The meerkat had ran by about 5 times before Luke noticed him. But the video made me laugh so I hope it makes you laugh too.
I tried to get Luke pictures with each animal, but it didn't work out. So I took pictures of each of the animals and thought I would "photoshop" Luke in with them. Only to learn I would first have to get the program to do it. So maybe I can get that done sometime. Luke had a great time and I am looking forward to taking him to one of our local zoo's when it gets cooler.

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Jess <>< said...

haha! i was so excited that luke ran up to the stage today so i got to see him! He cracks me up! I'm thinkin that next zoo trip i get to come too lol :)