Monday, April 21, 2008

First Slumber Party

Luke, Rudy (the dog) and I spent the weekend with Trish (my college roommate), Cambry (her 3 year old daughter) and Raisen their dog. It was so much fun. Daddy didn't get to go because he was in Austin visiting friends. Trish's husband was out shooting turkey so it was just the girls, the kids and the dogs. Luke had his first encounter with a cat (I think). He touched it once and then wanted to go run around some more. He wasn't too interested in the cats. At least I won't have to worry about him trying to chase a cat and getting scratched - for now. He and Cambry had lots of fun playing with her toys. Saturday morning he pushed around a babydoll stroller for about an hour. He had a "track" he followed. He would go down the hall, loop around the kitchen - dining room - living room, then back down the hall to the master bath and repeat. Later that morning we went to anear by mall that has a carousel and took a ride. Luke enjoyed it, but it lasted about 10 seconds too long for him, he was trying to get off the horse.

He wasn't quite sure how to hold on, but he figured it out.
Here is Luke, Trish and Cambry. It is very hard to get young children to look at the camera on a carousel!
This is the picture you get when you try to smile for the camera, while keeping an eye on Luke!
This one is a little better.

At least this time we were both looking at the camera and that is Cambry in the background.

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The Fernihough's said...

Looks like fun!!! Now ya'll should plan a family vacation to Michigan! :)