Monday, April 28, 2008

Grampa's Home!!

Grampa got home for his annual Spring visit Thursday, so Luke and I loaded up and headed to see him Friday morning. Scott had a track meet and was out of town, so he couldn't go. But we had a ton of fun!! Luke is beginning to interact with people a lot more, he really liked Grampa! They played together the whole weekend and when we went somewhere he was always in Grampa's arms.

Here they are looking that the fish in the pond.

On Saturday, we went to the park after naptime and had a blast!!

As you can see, the slides where a big hit. On the cork screw slide we noticed he went down faster without the shoes so we took them off, but it was not a "fast" slide so it was still slow enough for me. I don't think the swing was exciting enough for him. And we need to thank Gramma for the wonderful pictures, some how we managed not to get any of her. But we will be back this weekend and we will get some of her.

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