Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas week as we traveled across Texas. we starting by leaving on Sunday and driving to my mom's 3 hours away. Then on Christmas Eve we left there and drove 5 hours to Scott's mom's house. Then Saturday we drove back home 4 hours. Good times!
Luke helping to trim the tree.We had a bunch of "Christmases" first was with my family, then with my dad's family, then with my mom's family. We had to leave that one early to drive to Scott's mom's house.

Then we had one with Scott's dad.

The next Hannah Montana.

The next Jason Mraz (Luke's favorite)
Finally Christmas with Scott's Family
Daddy being Santa
I think we is excited to be the next Tiger Woods, now we just need to work on his swing.
How can I leave out the best Christmas present this year, our new nephew:
Landon born just a few days before and weighed 9lbs, 8ozs.
I think all that wieght was in his cheeks, who can resist this?
Lainey adoring her little brother Landon!

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