Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rudy - Udy - Duy

As most of you know we have a miniature schnauzer named Rudy. When Luke first started talking one of his first words was Udy, which is what he has called Rudy for over a year now. But all of the sudden a few weeks ago, Rudy's name suddenly went from Udy to Duy (pronounced Dewey). It is so cute!! They funniest part is that Rudy responds to that name. Luke will call Duy and then pat beside him and make a kissing noise to try to get Rudy to sit next to him. I will have to get that on video.

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ferniBlog said...

Hey! How did his speech evaluation go??? Oh, and we will be in Texas this year for Christmas...we HAVE to get together and play games! :)