Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New things Luke is doing

The first thing is this weekend all of the pacifiers "broke". He has been sad at bed time, but is beginning to go to sleep better. He was thoroughly disappointed at Miss Debbie's to find that the one there had also broken. So we are pacifier FREE!!!

He is going through the stage of saying no even when he means yes. It gets a little confusing for me because I will ask him if he wants his juice and he will say no and shake his head, so I put it up and then he gets mad because he didn't get it. The worst part of this is combined with the screaming phase we have discovered. When he gets mad or frustrated he will scream at the top of his lungs. He refuses to ask for help when he is frustrated because he want to do things himself as well. It is just a vicious cycle.

Sunday night he took a bubble bath for the first time. He was a little scared of the bubbles at first, but grew to love them. Gramma tried to teach him how to blow the bubbles off his hand, but he didn't have enough force to get them to move. He did decide after a few tastings that the bubbles didn't taste nearly as good as they looked.

He is saying more words if you ask him to say them, but he doesn't necessarily use them on his own. I seems at though over night he is changing more and more. I will get some pictures of Luke in his Halloween costume and get them up for you to enjoy.

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