Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our afternoon routine

Lately we have gotten into a routine after we get home. First we let Rudy out of his cage and then Luke runs to the laundry room (where Rudy's food is) and we get Rudy's food and then let him out to feed him. Most of the time Luke follows Rudy out and we go play in the backyard. Below is a series of pictures of what happens when we first go outside.

Here is Luke ready to go outside - by the way - he can say outside now.

Here he is halfway through the backyard going to our neighbor's fence. As his face shows he is on a mission.
Here we have noticed one of the neighbor's dogs at the fence.The neighbor's have 3 dogs. Here is Luke with Sandy. Sandy is very protective of Luke she will growl and bark at Rudy if he gets closer to Luke than she likes. Here she is keeping a close eye on Rudy while Luke is reaching through the fence to pet Sandy.
Here is Luke and Maddie. Maddie tolerates Luke, but most of the time will go the other way when Luke comes around.
Here is a typical encounter with Maddie.
Be prepared for camera movement if you get motion sickness.
The next step after either playing with the neighbor dogs or determining they are not outside is to run to the play set. Here is Luke going down the slide the traditional way.
And his favorite the past two weeks is to slide down the rock-wall.
It doesn't seem like fun to me, but he really enjoys it.

When Luke gets on the play set he usually wants to walk up the slide. When he gets to the top sometimes he keeps going to the flat base and sometimes he just lays on his belly. Here is the result of the latter. Sorry it is so short, he doesn't give me enough time to get the camera on.

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